International Treaty

To Ban The Political Use of Religion


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Lord Rowan Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury 2002-2012. PCFBAFRSLFLSW

Prominent fellow of the British Academy, Royal Society of Literature and Learned Society of Wales.

Dr Rowan Williams is a professor of theology, writer, poet, translator with 9 languages and author of many books and studies on literature, theology, history and politics.


Najima Ghozali Thay Thay 

Former Secretary of State to the Ministry of National Education and Youth of Morocco, in charge of Literacy and Informal Education. Leading Moroccan politician, philanthropist and human rights activist. Former member of parliament representing The National Rally of Independents party. 

Author, historian and professor of linguistics at the University of Agadir specialised in oral tradition. Visiting lecturer to many universities across Europe and the Arab world.

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Amr Moussa

Very prominent Egyptian politician and diplomat.

Former Secretary-General of the Arab League (forum representing 22 Arab states) from 2001 to 2011.

Former Egypt Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991 to 2001.

Noam Chomsky.jpg

Noam Chomsky

One of the most influential philosophers and linguists in the world. Institute Professor (emeritus) at MIT and Laureate Professor, University of Arizona. Author of many books and articles on linguistics, cognitive science, intellectual history, and domestic and international affairs. Leading international activist in many political, justice and human rights campaigns. 


Ephraim Isaac

Director, Institute of Semitic Studies, USA, founder and international Chairman of the Board of Peace & Development Centre, knighted by King of Sweden in 2013 and recipient of many awards, including the Morton Deutsch Conflict Resolution Award and “2020 Peter J. Gomes Distinguished Alumni Honor award. Prominent Academic, author of numerous books and articles and lecturer in universities worldwide and he knows 17 languages. Founder and Director of the National Literacy Campaign Organization in Ethiopia and President of the Yemenite Jewish Federation of America.


David Kilgour

Former Canadian Secretary of State for Latin America and Africa (1997-2002) and Asia-Pacific (2002-2003); Member of Parliament from 1979 to 2006. He and David Matas were nominated in 2010 for the Nobel Peace Prize for their book "Bloody Harvest" and campaign to end government-run organ abuse across China. Senior Fellow of Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights and Macdonald Laurier Institute. Board member of the Swiss-based First Step Forum and Ethiopiaid Canada.


Dahlia Kurtz

Canadian award-winning radio talk show host, renowned national columnist and a well published multilingual writer. Social good pioneer and motivating leader, working passionately to spread kindness and promotes THE "science of spreading kindness".

Dahlia is making the most of media tools to help make good things happen for people across Canada to "Live and HELP live."

Nabil Fahmy

Very prominent Egyptian politician and diplomat. Former Egypt Minister of Foreign Affairs 2013-2014.

Occupied many top positions in the Egyptian Government, including ambassador to the USA 1999-2008.

He also worked in advisory positions in the United Nations.


Anabela Zigova

Celebrated filmmaker in many film festivals worldwide with outstanding films on socio-political issues, focusing on de-radicalisation and non-violence. 

Leading activist, author of several art essays and regular contributor to the media. 

Academic with two master degrees and visiting scholar to the Sociology Department of John Jay College of Criminal Justice at The City University of New York. 


Riccardo Nencini

Leading member of the Italian Senate and chairman of the Committee on Education and Culture. 

Prominent writer and historian with a strong interest in the Middle Ages. 

President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Socialist Party and former member of the European Parliament. Former president of the regional council of Tuscany and former vice minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

May Rihani 

An internationally recognized pioneer in girl’s education and women’s rights. As the Director of the Gibran Chair for Values and Peace at the University of Maryland, she designs academic programs centred on breaking barriers to peace. Co-chair of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) from 2008 to 2010. 

André Gattolin 

Leading Member of the French Senate, Vice-chair of the European Affairs Committee، Vice-chair of the Defence Committee and Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Professor of Communication Sciences at University Sorbonne Nouvelle. Journalist and writer at leading publications, including Libération and Actuel. Prominent member of the Transnational Radical Party, human rights activist, global environmentalist and a staunch supporter of minorities.

Emily Amal Porter

Art historian, artist and novelist in English and Arabic. University lecturer and regular speaker in international conferences. Leading figure in cultural, justice and women’s rights. Chair of Multi Cultural Integration Centre. Consultant for North Tyneside College on cultural issues. Founder of ‘Save World Cultural Heritage’ an initiative to ban the trade in artefacts from ancient archaeological sites in Iraq.

Gianni Marilotti

Leading Member of the Italian Senate, Chair of the Commission for the library and the historical archive of the Senate, Member of the Commission on foreign affairs and member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. 
Professor of history and philosophy, writer, president of the Mediterranean Cultural Association and promoter of conferences for peace and cooperation. 

Brando Benifei

European Federalist Member if the European Parliament, Head of Delegation of the Italian S&D MEPs, Rapporteur for the Single Market Program and shadow rapporteur for the European Social Fund Plus. Former head of the European Solidarity Corps, for the Post Arab Spring and former co-chair of the Youth Intergroup and vice-chair of the Disability Intergroup. MEP Award Laureate in 2018 for his work on employment and social affairs. Inductee of Forbes Annual 30 Under-30 most influential in EU Politics list in 2016.

Pedro Ignacio Altamirano

Spanish writer, cultural leader and entrepreneur in global communications and international relations.

President of International Organisation to Help Solve Problems of Stateless Nations and Colonies (OSNC) and Member of Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP).

Founder of several foundations and global activist for humanitarian aid and sustainable development in developing countries.


Johan Candelin

Leading philanthropist and activist in many global human rights campaigns. 

Founder and Executive Director of First Step Forum, which is a global network of former Prime Ministers, officials, ambassadors and Members of Parliaments.

Goodwill Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance and bishop of Myanmar Lutheran Church. 

8. ayad jamaladdin.jpg

Ayad Jamaladdin 

Former member of Iraqi parliament. Prominent religious figure and a leading voice to establish secularism in Iraq. He studied Islamic sciences, jurisprudence, philosophy, Arabic language and Sufism in the Hawza Al-Alamiya in the city of Qom, Iran. He holds a degree of ijtihad, the highest degree in Shiite Islamic studies. He served as Imam of the Shiites in the UAE. 

Ahmed Al Jarwan 

President of the Global Council of Tolerance and Peace. President of the Arab Experts Union. Former president of the Arab Parliament and member of Federal National Council of UAE. Former member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Former UAE deputy military attaché to UK and USA. 

Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail.jpg

Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail 

One of our earliest supporters, who sadly passed away on 1st October 2020.

The Baba Sheikh or Religious Leader of the Yazidi community worldwide since 2007. 

He was deeply involved in dialogue between faiths and cultures worldwide, dedicating most of his time for promoting tolerance and humanitarian initiatives. 

Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako.jpg

Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako 

Cardinal and Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans and head of the Chaldean Catholic Church since 1 February 2013. Pope Francis made him a cardinal on 28 June 2018. Deeply active in dialogue between faiths and cultures, dedicating most of his time for promoting tolerance and humanitarian initiatives. 

Mohammed Shaker Aldulaimi.jpg

Mohammed Shaker Aldulaimi 

Chair of Dulaimi Business Group. Chair of Trustees for UN Global Compact (UNGC) in Iraq. Vice president of Iraqi Business Union. Launched many philanthropy initiatives, including Baghdad Renewable Energy and Sustainability Centre (BRESC). Founder of many companies in construction, trade and banking. Motivator and supporter for a huge young audience to think outside the box. 

15. rishamma sattar jabbar hilow.jpg

Rishamma Sattar Jabbar Hilow 

Spiritual leader of the Mandaeism community in Iraq and worldwide, one of the oldest communities and beliefs in the world. Deeply active in dialogue between faiths and cultures worldwide, dedicating most of his time for promoting peace, tolerance and humanitarian initiatives. 



Internationally renowned poet, philosopher, essayist, translator and theoretician of poetics. Leading modernist, who exerted a seismic influence on Arabic poetry. Has published over 20 volumes of poetry, 13 of criticism and 12 books of translation to Arabic. Regular nominee for the Nobel literary prize. 


Qassim Haddad

One of the most prominent Arab poets and a major influencer in the transformations of modern poetry. He is a laureate of many international awards and honours, including the prestigious Al Owais Cultural Award for his creative works, which include more than 30 books of poetry, criticism and cultural thought. He is a regular essayist and a leading activist in the cultural scene and in defending justice values and human rights.


Mohammed Ahmed Ali Almekhlafi

A prominent politician, former Minister of Legal Affairs in Yemen, Deputy Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party, and co-founders of the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights. Academic with a doctorate in international law from Moscow University and a lecturer at the Center for Yemeni Studies and Research. A lawyer before the Supreme Court in Yemen, and solicitor in trade, investment and intellectual property. Author of eight books and more than thirty research papers and specialised studies.

Rehan Allahwala

Global influencer, technology entrepreneur, reformist change-maker and philanthropist.

Founder and President of Super Technologies Inc., a United States based software company, providing solutions for the telecom industry.

President and CEO of numerous companies around the world including the United States, Dubai and Pakistan.

Founder of the global movement; Insan party to empower people to improve their lives as well as tens of philanthropy projects and foundations for creating jobs, education, business support and combating poverty.

Ondrej Prostrednik

Prominent Slovakian theologian and activist for human rights, freedom of belief and promoting religious tolerance. 

Leading politician in the liberal party Progressive Slovakia and former candidate for the European and Slovakian parliaments. Recognised with several international awards for his strong defence of vulnerable minority communities in Slovakia and for promoting interfaith understanding between Christians, Jews, and Muslims. 

Roger Allen 

Emeritus Professor of Arabic and chair of the department of Near Eastern languages and civilizations and Sascha Jane Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics, University of Pennsylvania. Author of numerous books, articles, translations, major study on Arabic novel and an anthology of critical writings. 


Malkhaz Songulashvili

The Metropolitan Bishop of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Professor of comparative theology at Ilia State University, liturgical writer and Bible translator.

Prominent interfaith bridge builder, working on developing an interfaith centre with a Peace Mosque and a Peace Synagogue adjunct to the main nave of the Peace Cathedral.

Abid Faisal al-Sahlani

prominent Iraqi politician, former member of the Iraqi parliament and a former member of the constitution-drafting committee of the Iraqi constitution. Member of the international liberal movement and a leading activist for national reconciliation, human rights, transparency anti-corruption. 

Academic in solid state physics sciences.

Paulo Casaca

Founder & president of Alliance to Renew Cooperation among Humankind ‘ARCHumankind’. Founder & director of the ‘South Asia Democratic Forum’. Founder of ‘Euro Reform Initiative’ and the sustainable development consultancy ‘LessMeansMore’. Former member of the European Parliament 1999-2009 and the Portuguese parliament 1992-1993. Professor, lecturer and author of several books and reports on economics and international politics.

Ali Sabri Belaid

Prominent filmmaker, director, producer and actor, celebrated in many film festivals worldwide with leading rules in dozens of films and member of jury in some film festival. 

Academic, motivator, trainer for leadership workshops and prominent speaker in the global cultural and political events and conference.

Founder of Ali Sabri Production plus, the leading Audio-visual Production and Broadcasting Company in Tunisia.

Peter Lamont

Former Canadian military judge and former federal prosecutor with a strong interest in human rights issues worldwide, especially in the Middle East and China. 

He is also an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Daniel Dalton 

Former member of the European parliament until May 2019. Member of the British Conservative Party in the United Kingdom. 

Leading activist in many social, political, justice and humanitarian campaigns. 

Alejo Vidal Quadras.jpg

Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca 

Former Spanish Member of the European Parliament until 2014. Former Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, representing Spanish People’s Party and the European People’s Party group. Leading activist in many political, justice and humanitarian campaigns. 

17. qais alazzawi.jpg

Qais Alazzawi 

Assistant Secretary General of The Arab League for media, communications and financial and administrative control. Ambassador and former permanent representative of Iraq in The Arab League. Academic with PhD in social politics from Sorbonne University, Paris. Author of 16 books on many subjects. 

Anissa Naqrachi 

President of Amal Network and Nour Foundation for solidarity with rural women. 

Academic, leading activist and international expert in collaborating with ISESCO and Islamic Development Bank in Morocco. 

Leading member of the Council of Human Rights in morocco, responsible for the international relations. 

Naji Haraj 

Former Iraqi diplomat at the UN in Geneva. Has dedicated his efforts for combating human rights violations since 2003. Regular lecturer and speaker in universities and conferences on international law and international human rights law. Executive Director of Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ). 

Bishop Sunday N. Onuoha 

Founder and President of 'Vision Africa', which focuses on building networks of faith communities in Nigeria. Executive director of Nigerian Interfaith Action Association. 

Former Special Assistant on Privatization in the Presidential Cabinet of Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo. Consecrated as Bishop in the Nigerian Methodist Church. 

Marah Bukai 

Academic, researcher and consultant on MENA region and cultural dialogue between USA, Arab and Muslim worlds. Advisor at Vital Voices to empower emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs. Author of 9 books in Arabic and English and leading voice for democratic peaceful change in Syria. Director of Middle East & Africa department at Frontiers Consultants based in Washington D.C. 

Alireza Nourizadeh 

Director and senior researcher at Centre for Iranian & Arab Studies. Chair of Media Liberty, a liberal Iranian TV channel broadcasting from London. Academic with a PhD in International Relations from the University of London. Highly renowned journalist, writer and TV commentator. Leading activist and deeply involved in political Justice and humanitarian campaigns and initiatives. 

Ulrich Schreiber 

Founder and president of the international literature festival Berlin (ilb) since 2001. 

Prominent advocate of linking culture and literature events with political, justice and humanitarian issues. Co-founder of the PEN World Voices Festival. 

Dirk Adriaensens

Member of the Executive Committee of the Brussells Tribunal. Coordinator of SOS Iraq and former member of the International Organising Committee of the World Tribunal on Iraq.  Renowned author and co-author of many books and studies in international affairs and violations of international law. Peace activist, criminologist and regular contributor in the media and prominent speaker in international conferences.

Aruba Bayazed Esmail.jpg

Aruba Bayazed Esmail 

Member of the historical royal Yazidi family. Member of the German party; Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Working now for the German charity AWO. Former adviser for the governor of Iraqi Nineveh Governorate for minorities’ affairs. Dedicated for justice and humanitarian campaigns. 

Steven O’Brien 

Academic, journalist and author with various public roles, including Secretary General of G20 Foundation, Editor of The London Magazine, Peace Ambassador for Iraq, Patron of the Arts in the Vatican and Chief Political Advisor to the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management. He also advises the Vatican’s Institute of Human Dignity. Leading activist in the discourses of reconciliation and tolerance. 

Jo Pannecoucke 

Visionary entrepreneur who enjoys building strategic alliances with a focus on improving health and quality of life. Has established many businesses including, which focuses on microbial architecture to promote a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. 

Obiora Francis Ike.jpg

Obiora Francis Ike 

Executive director of Geneva. Professor of ethics and intercultural studies, Enugu University in Nigeria and visiting lecturer at Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt. 

Catholic priest, writer, publisher and author of numerous books and articles. Member of World Academy of Arts and Science and the European Academy. Founder of the First Ethics Institute and co-founder of the largest micro finance bank in southeast Nigeria. 

30. hassan abdulrazza.jpg

Hassan Abdulrazzak 

Award winner play writer in English. His plays performed since 2007 in many main theatres in London, Washington and San Francisco among many others. Translated many plays and books to English and contributed to many more. Recipient of George Devine, Meyer-Whitworth, Pearson and Bay Area theatre awards as well as the Arab British Centre Award for Culture. 

Jassim Mohamad.jpg

Jassim Mohamad 

Head of the European Centre for Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Studies. Academic and Senior researcher on combat terror, intelligence, Islamic radical groups and Immigration. 

Author of nine books on counter-terrorism and intelligence services. Regular TV commentator and writer in many newspapers on security issues.

Nineb Lamassu 

Academic in Cambridge University, specialises in the documentation of the endangered Assyrian language and Iraqi cultural heritage. Founder of Assyrian Research Archive, Enheduanna Publishing, Sarqaya Publishing and Assyrian Language & Culture Trust. Deeply involved in cultural and humanitarian work. 

Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Systems entrepreneur and global action initiator and facilitator.

Co-founder of a number of platforms/networks in the impact economy, including Impact Journey, Katapult and Social Capital Markets Network (SoCap Network). Deeply involved for the last few years with the UN Centre of Excellence on Smart Sustainable Cities led by Trondheim City, Norway, in designing and establishing a learning society framework.