International Treaty

To Ban The Political Use of Religion

NGO pushes for treaty to ‘ban the political use of religion’

Published in The Arab Weekly, March 22nd 2020.

BPUR International plans to focus on eliminating “the root causes” of the problem by providing a “clear framework in line with the UN Declaration on Human Rights.”

LONDON--A British NGO is introducing an “international treaty to ban the political use of religion,” to halt inequality and religious discrimination.

BPUR International, founded by British-Iraqi journalist Salam Sarhan, said it was developing a treaty that would “introduce a clear framework to ban all political uses of religion that undermine equal citizenship and religious discrimination in rights and duties,” a statement on the organisation’s website said.

Sarhan, a contributor to The Arab Weekly, grew support for the initiative after writing an opinion article for the Independent last year in which he argued to “move towards an international consensus to prevent any invocation of religion… to support national and political agendas.”

Read the full article in the Arab Weekly, March 22nd 2020.

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