International Treaty

To Ban The Political Use of Religion

Our Team

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Salam Sarhan

Founder & Secretary-General

Founder of BPUR international. Well published writer and journalist with three books and over one thousand articles on a wide range of subjects in Arabic and English. Worked as TV presenter, producer, business editor and TV commentator for numerous leading media establishments, including BBC, Alarabiya TV, Sky News Arabia TV, Alarab daily and The Arab Weekly. 


Matteo Angioli 

Project Manager

Secretary of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law. 

Former parliamentary assistant to Marco Pannella at the European Parliament. 

Co-authored with Marco Pannella the book “Una libertà felice” (A happy freedom). 


Alma Selvaggia Rinaldi

Assistant Manager 

Emerging talented journalist with articles and artwork published in various newspapers and magazines. Part of an Academy Award Project in the field of Social Migration Action.

Blogger for Rewriters with internships with EU News and EU Radio.

Final year student for BA in History and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin and dedicated activist and volunteer worker for NGOs in Equatorial Guinea and Brussels.


Audrey Ferdinand

Assistant Manager 

French jurist in international public law with special focus on human rights issues.
She has long working experience with several NGOs, including Human Rights Watch and Franciscans International. Based in Geneva, she has advocated for human rights by participating in several sessions of the Human Rights Council and of UN Committees.


Ahmad Waleed 

Management Advisor

Entrepreneur, financial advisor, management accountant and investment analyst for a multi billion private-equity group. Leading philanthropist in the UK and Pakistan. Founder of MIkael Waleed Foundation to help disadvantaged communities and families. Partner and Director at Green Island Falcon (metals manufacturers and traders) and Mikael & Mikael (financial advisers). Non-executive director at Abacus Corporate Finance (Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors).

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Nezar Al-Rawi

Planning Advisor

Filmmaker and visual artist specialising in corporate and institutional identity design. President of the Arab Association for Cultural Exchange in Luxembourg, and a jury member of the International Academy of Visual Arts (IAVA). In 2003 he co-founded the Contemporary Visual Arts Association (CVAS) in Iraqi and in 2005, he established the first international film festival in Iraq (ISFF). Writer, academic with PhD from the University of Granada, Spain, and a university lecturer. He has three books and a number of studies and articles published in Arab and international newspapers and magazines.


Sci Sarhan

Technical Manager 

Emerging artist and animator with BA degree in Animation with First Class Honours from University of Westminster, London.

Film maker and advertising professional working with big establishments and media networks. 

Painter and illustrator with hundreds of her works published in several newspapers and magazines.


Hadeel Oueis


Syrian American writer, Analyst and commentator on major Arabic TV networks with a focus on the United States foreign policies. She emerged in political studies in 2011 at the age of 19 when she participated in the advocacy for political rights in Syria in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Her prominence led the United States delegation in Geneva to help her relocate to the United States in 2012. 


Ron Russell 


Prominent American humanist and activist on equality, human rights justice values and sustainability. Program Director at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, Vice President of Humanity Forward Arizona, a Humanist Chaplainmeditation coach and hospice volunteer. He provides invocations at the Arizona Senate and House and regularly speaks for the separation of Church and State through the Secular Coalition and the Congressional Free Thought Caucus.