International Treaty

To Ban The Political Use of Religion

Our Mission

For centuries, there were countless efforts to separate religious belief and practice from the responsibilities and work of states and governments.

Unfortunately, none of these attempts were conclusive because they were divisive and confrontational, very often caused more damage than good and have failed to build any global consensus.

The international community still does not have clear indisputable rules to identify the main uses of religion that violate basic justice, equality and human rights.


This treaty will fill that gap by focusing on securing international consensus on the core fundamentals that can essentially eradicate all abuses of religion without any confrontation.

To be most effective and make the biggest possible impact, it will avoid being dragged into side issues that could make it irrelevant. 

The treaty will only focus on introducing a clear framework to ban all political uses of religion that undermine equality and all religious discrimination in rights and duties.

It will also ban religious exclusion in all political parties, movements and all public membership activities, as well as all restrictions to freedom of belief and worship.

These simple terms will comprehensively apply to all violations and bypass any clashes with peoples’ deeply engraved religious teachings.

The Treaty will be an indispensable starting point to refute any claim by extremists that they are defending their religion and remove a key recruitment tool by which the naïve and vulnerable are attracted to terrorism.

It will emphasise the utmost respect for all religions and encourage greater transparency in politics. This will undermine all common allegations by extremists that there is an agenda against a certain religion.

This unique non-confrontational approach will encourage many implicated countries to seize the opportunity and join the world consensus on justice and equality for all and that would tip the balance in favour of more moderate and tolerant ideals.


The proposed treaty will also represent a massive step towards greater respect for human rights by liberating those who suffer from religious repression.

BPUR International has received overwhelming support and is continuing to build more by selecting and inviting a broad range of global influential figures from the spheres of politics, religion, business and the arts to support and promote this international treaty.


We have drafted the treaty and working now to secure governmental signatures worldwide. We are confident that all responsible governments will endorse and it will become an official United Nations treaty.

Our mission will go on to establish a global monitor to expose all political abuses of religion. It will provide constantly updated and verified data to help empower governments, organisations and individuals to apply diplomatic and political pressure on those who continue to commit such abuses.