International Treaty

To Ban The Political Use of Religion

Advisory Council


Molly McAdams

Special Advisor

Founder of Introducing Leaders, strategic business initiatives for government officials, global CEOs and investors as well as the chairperson of Annual Arabian Nights Gala-Davos, Switzerland founded 2016. Media strategist and turn-key specialist for FORTUNE Magazine and business news sources since 1997. Prominent early pioneer of brand voicing and custom content creation for globally recognised publications and external government media planner IPS (2004-2010). [assionate about creating opportunities and narratives for peace and understanding through business.


Mohamed Dekkak

Special Advisor

Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, which works in oil and gas, desalination, real estate, consulting, construction and marine. Has launched many cultural initiatives. He spearheaded the completion of numerous international projects successfully. As a liberal paradiplomatic, philanthropist, and advocate, he supports health and education projects by heading various organisations.


Giovanna Mingarelli


Technology entrepreneur, global speaker and thought leader in digital communications, crowdsourcing and empowering youth and women. Co-Founder and CEO of two international companies, M&C Consulting and MC2 Inc. Advisor to the Canadian Government and contributor to global events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, China.

Renowned writer with contributions to leading publications, including the Huffington Post.

Giulio Terzi.jpg

Giulio Terzi

Special Advisor

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy (2011- 2013).

Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations in New York (2008- 2009).

Ambassador of Italy to the United States (2009- 2011).


Eithne Treanor


Internationally renowned communications consultant with emphasis on energy, technology and global affairs. She chairs and moderates key international conferences, including OPEC and the International Energy Forum over the past 15 years. Founder and managing director of E Treanor Media based in Dubai, providing bespoke media and communications training for government officials and corporate executives. Former international broadcaster having spent her career at ABC News, Sky News, BBC World, Bloomberg and CNBC International.


Touhami Abdouli

Special Advisor

Former Tunisian Secretary of State for European Affairs 2011-2013 and for Arab and African Affairs 2015-2016 and former member of the parliament. He served as Special Envoy of the President of Tunisia and Head of the Government to several African and European states, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Ivory Coast, Sudan and Burkina Faso. Prominent academic with PhD in Civilisation and currently General Director of Albabtain Cultural Foundation

Marya Imani.jpg

Maryam Faghih Imani


Founder and president of Center for Cultural Diplomacy and Development in Norway and an International Leadership fellow at the McCain Institute in Washington DC.

Prominent speaker in international conferences and global activist for human rights, justice values and humanitarian campaigns. She has been recognised as one of top 10 leaders by Leadership Foundation in Norway in 2016 for her work on Sustainable Development and Cultural Diplomacy.


Salah Elouadie


A prominent human rights activist in Morocco and all of Africa and the head of "Damir" association, which works for freedom of thought, the triumph of knowledge, and human dignity. Founding member of the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights and the Moroccan Forum for Truth and Equity, and a former member of the Audiovisual Communications Regulatory Authority in Morocco. Poet, novelist, writer, translator, TV producer, author of 9 books and contributor to the media with special interest in the overlap between politics and religion.


Niki Barbery-Bleyleben 

Special Advisor

Artist, sociologist and economist with PhD from London School of Economics. 

Currently works on a number of global initiatives that support creative approaches to conservation, education reform and conflict resolution. Previously, worked as a university lecturer, at the UN and the World Bank on projects to improve water and sanitation provision, municipal development, and building stronger partnerships between civil society, the government and the private sector in the delivery of services. 

Nabil Ayad.jpg

Nabil Ayad


Globally renowned professor of diplomacy studies and international governance. Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Member of the International Forum on Diplomatic Training. Pioneering leader in re-shaping diplomacy and introducing new concepts, studies as well as creating courses and training programmes for leaders, officials and diplomats from the Commonwealth, Arab World, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe, the Caribbean, Central Asia and China. He is very highly recognised with prestigious awards and honorary degrees.

نادية-التركي 2.jpg

Nadia Al Turki


Journalist, poet, academic and writer in Arabic, French and English. 

Founder and president of the International Academy of Media and Diplomacy (IAMD).

TV commentator and regular speaker in international conferences on political and social issues.

Leading activist for peace, tolerance and human rights in the Middle East. 


Niccolò Rinaldi 


Former Member of the European Parliament and leading global activist on many stages to protect human rights, fair trade and combating extremism. Member of the General Council of the Transnational Radical Party, the scientific committee of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi and former Vice President of the ALDE group (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). Renowned writer, journalist and author of several books on a wide range of topics covering Afghanistan, Africa, European affairs, global extremism and justice issues.   


Joseph Yossi Somer 


Award-winning filmmaker, artist, entrepreneur, independent peace and social activist since his teens, an influencer seeking new peaceful ways of connecting between different cultures locally and globally. 

Prominent speaker in conferences and interfaith dialogue, highlighting his visionary concept of the Middle East Business Union, a platform for multinational cooperation.


John Abraham Godson


Nigerian Presidential Aspirant and first black member of Polish Parliament 2010-2015. Former Chair of Parliamentary Group for Africa, Chair of Polish-Nigerian parliamentary group, Chair of Polish-British parliamentary group, Member of Foreign Affairs Committee, Member of the NATO Parliament, Member of Polish-Israeli Parliamentary Group. Special Adviser to the Nigerian in the Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Member of the Nigerian Federal Government Technical Working Group (TWG) and Nigeria Agenda 2050. Missionary, pastor, Academic, lecturer, author, investor and CEO of Afropoland Ltd.


Betty Hope-Gittens


Global philanthropist, former entrepreneur and businesswoman.

In 2019, at the age of 80, she walked the 800 km of El Camino de Santiago to raise funds for non-profit long-term care homes for senior citizens.

Born in Barbados, she has called Canada home for more than 60 years.


John Howarth


Designer, entrepreneur and pro-European UK Labour politician and former Member of the European Parliament representing South East England (S&D Group). He is EU Budget specialist, Vice Chair of the South Asia Delegation, member of the Cariforum North Macedonia and Palestine delegations. He is also Founder and co-Director of Politics Without Borders, an internationalist public policy organisation and UK city/regional Councillor, working with minority communities to promote good community relations and overcome institutional barriers to equality.

b60df4f7-5221-4109-b002-13f87dff54f0 2.j

Philomena A. Desmond-Ogugua


International consultant on trade, Investment, business development and diplomacy, advising many governments in Africa and worldwide. Organiser of many successful international trade missions to Africa. Leading figure in the USA Democratic Party. Prominent philanthropist helping disenfranchised societies. Vice-President and Founding Member of African Business Women Network. Member of  American/African Business Women Association, Nigeria Peoples Forum and Association of Women in International Business. 


Mushtaq Lasharie CBE


Global leading activist for peace, justice, tolerance, human rights and democracy. 

Founder/Chairman of “Third World Solidarity” and Coordinator of "All Party Parliamentary Group on Third World Solidarity” in the UK Parliament. Awarded in 2016 the title Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) by the Queen. Former Deputy Mayor of The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Honorary Alderman since July 2011. 

sir-graham-watson 2.jpg

Graham Watson


Prominent pro-European British politician, former leading member of the European Parliament (1994-2014) and the first leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (2004–2009).

Renowned author of many books including “Building a Liberal Europe” and leading supporter of the Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary AssemblySir Graham Watson is co-founder and former Chairman of The Climate Parliament, a global network of legislators committed to accelerating the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.


Abderrafie Et Talydy


Spanish politician of Moroccan origin and member of the Executive Committee of the Socialist Party PSC in Lleida, Catalonia. Prominent human rights activist in Spain and Morocco, especially in the field of assistance and rehabilitation of minor prisoners and the integration of immigrants into Spanish society. Academic with a PhD in education, society and life quality studies, lecturer at the University of Lleida, writer and commentator in Spanish, Arab and international newspapers and TV channels.


Jaimie Fuller


Australian business entrepreneur, global influencer and sport activist, who is passionate about utilising sport as a conduit to change society.

Founder of the international sports compression wear company SKINS and sports tech company EO.

Jaimie is a hugely passionate sports fan, regular commentator and advocate of sport in society, cause-related marketing, integrity in sport and sports governance issues.

David Lesch.jpg

David W. Lesch


Ewing Halsell Distinguished Professor of History at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He received his PhD from Harvard University. Renowned author with 16 books published, the upcoming one entitled; “The History of the Middle East from the Rise of Islam to the Arab Spring” (Oxford University Press, 2022).

Leading advisor for the last four US presidential administrations, the UN, governments in Europe and the Middle East. He is on the board of a number of organisations involved in Middle East affairs and violence prevention.

Hanan Sharfeddin.jpg

Hanan Sharfelddin


Chief Executive of the International Organisation for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD).

Academic and researcher with Doctorate in organisational leadership management, University of Phoenix.

Specialised researcher in examining performance variables of NGOs and religious orientation and Racism.

Karamat Ali.jpg

Karamat Ali


Prominent Global activist for human rights, sustainable development, education and labour rights for the last four decades. Founding member and director of various local and regional institutions, including Pakistan Institute of Labour Education & Research, South Asia Labour Forum, Pakistan-India People’s Forum and Pakistan Peace Coalition for Peace and Democracy. He is a leading figure in labour and peace movements in Pakistan and has played a key role in linking up these movements with regional and global counterparts.

Sundeep-Waslekar-photo 2.jpg

Sundeep Waslekar


President of Strategic Foresight Group, an international think tank that has worked with 65 countries on global challenges. An Oxford graduate and currently a Senior Fellow of the Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflicts at Oxford University.

He was conferred D. Litt. (Honoris Causa) of Symbiosis International University, by the President of India. He is the author of a best seller in Marathi, Eka Dishecha Shodh, with 23 editions.


Ria Persad


Renowned classical musician and mathematician. She was a child Prodigy. Prominent public speaker and mentor for technology companies. Founder and CEO of StatWeather, providing weather prediction systems and solutions. She is fashion model, Ms. America 2017 and Mrs. Grand Universe in a pageant organized by Mrs. Universe in Philippines 2018.

d4d805de-e8fa-4154-a70a-a17e34aac16e 2.j

Arben Ramkaj


Prominent academic, researcher, author and global expert on security and religious issues. Leading passionate activist in civil society campaigns, interfaith dialogue, cooperation between communities and international inter- religious dialogue. He is founder and board member of the Inter-Religious Institute of Albania, executive Director of the Institute of Inter-religious and founder of the European Muslim League. He is the representative of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace for the Balkan countries, member of the High Council of Theologians and member of the General Council of the Muslim Community.

Karen Parker.jpg

Karen Parker


Prominent attorney specializing in human rights and humanitarian law. Leading contributor to the evolution of international legal norms for decades. She regularly testifies at the UN Human Rights Council. Top UN mediator and expert witness in many international conflicts including Iraq, Afghanistan and Central America. Chief delegate of International Educational Development.

Alfred De Zayas.jpg

Alfred-Maurice de Zayas


Writer, historian and prominent lawyer in international law and human rights. Former high-ranking United Nations official and independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order. Speaker and lecturer on the jurisprudence of the UN Human Rights Committee and freedom of opinion and expression.


Marty Pompadur


Global media leader, investor, advisor and board member of Nexstar ​Media Group, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp.​ Former Chairman of News Corp Europe and former board member of Imax Corporation, ABC. Inc, BSkyB, Sky Italia, Premier World, Fox Kids Europe, Metromedia International, Ziff Corporation, RP Companies and Elong. He was instrumental in building many media corporations, including Fox Television Network and negotiating the merger of Stream and Telepiu to create Sky Italia.

Samir Sumaidaie.jpg

Samir Sumaidaie


Prominent Iraqi politician and diplomat. Former Iraqi Permanent Representative at the United Nations 2004-2006, ambassador to the United States 2006-2012 and minister of interior 2004. 

Writer, lecturer and speaker in international conferences. Leading activist for human rights, women’s rights and children’s welfare.

Walther Lichem.jpg

Walther Lichem


One of the most prominent UN diplomats who played a major role in its programmes, institutions and training, including UNITAR, PDHRE and the first to involve academia in issue articulation programmes, conferences and the drafting of reports dealing with global programmes. Former Austria's Ambassador to Chile (1980-1984) and Canada (1993-2000).


Mahamed Sidati


President of the Human Rights Center in Mauritania, founding member of the Democracy Advocates Movement, member of the Arab League for Democracy, the International Federation of Labor Education Societies, the Arab Network for Tolerance, and the Arab Federation of Human Rights Centres. International activist and international observer for elections in Morocco, Jordan, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, Central Africa, South Sudan and Mauritania. Expert in youth education on human rights and writer in the cultural, political and economic subjects.

Konstantia Koutouki.jpg

Konstantia Koutouki


She is the founder of Nomomente Institute and Professor of Law in Canada with leading positions in various international law organizations. Among various areas of research interest, she examines the protection of spiritual and cultural heritage for Indigenous nations and local communities.


David Swanson


Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, influential author, activist, journalist, and radio host. Executive director of World BEYOND War and campaign coordinator for His books include “War Is A Lie” and “When the World Outlawed War”. He blogs at and He hosts Talk Nation Radio.

Swanson was awarded the 2018 Peace Prize by the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation.


Richard Rothenberg


Member of the United Nations’ Task Force on data, Science, Technology, and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals. Executive Director at Global A.I. Corporation, a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence company and advisor at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Co-Head of the Quantitative Investing Group, Chair of the Investment Roundtable at the CFA Society New York and former quantitative portfolio manager at global investment banks, including Deutsche Bank and Man investments. 

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 14.40.05.jpeg

Giacomo Giannarelli


Innovator, entrepreneur and founder of Toscana Innova to help establishments to introduce innovations for the ecological transition towards the green economy and digital innovations (IOT, Industry 4.0). 

President of the Movimento 5 Stelle Toscana X Legislature, Chairman of the inquiry commission on MPS banking scandal and chairman of the inquiry commission on waste management. 

Expert and enthusiast in the production of renewable energy.

David Basson.jpeg

David Khedher Basson


Leading activist to build bridges for understanding between people in the Middle East. Chairman of the Association of Jewish Academics from Iraq in Israel, which supports the publication of literature, research and memoirs of the Jews of Iraq. Member of board of trustees of Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre and Centre for Organisations of Jews from Arab and Islamic Countries. Prominent commentator, writer and speaker in international conferences.

Hassen Chalghoumi.jpg

Hassen Chalghoumi 


Founder of Conference of Imams in France, President of Association of Peoples for Peace, coexistence and religious dialogue. Imam of Drancy Mosque and President of Association of Muslims of Drancy. Member of the European Commission for Interfaith Dialogue and Communication and global activist for promoting peaceful coexistence, combating terrorism and religious dialogue. Laureate of many peace awards, author of 5 books, university lecturer and speaker at international conferences and in the media on freedom of thought and peaceful coexistence.


Mohsen Marzouk


Former Minister Advisor of the President of Tunisia. One of the founders of Nidaa Tounes and the manager of the winning presidential election campaign of Beji Caid Essebsi 2014. Founding member of the new party Machrouu Tounes. Former Regional Director at El Taller Foundation and Freedom House. Founder of Al Kawakibi Democracy transition Center. Secretary-general of Arab Democracy Foundation and member of the International Steering Committee of the Community of Democracies. Poet and former columnist.


Kumardev Chatterjee


AI & Autonomous systems expert & innovator, serial entrepreneur, World Economic Forum expert on Entrepreneurship, European Commission appointed independent expert, global speaker and thought leader interviewed by BBC, CNN, Forbes. Inductee of Progress 1000 List of most influential people in Technology: Engineering and has been chosen as 10 most innovative global AI executives by Analytics Insight.

Co-author of ‘Digital Minds for a New Europe’ with Eric Schmidt and others with an Op-ed published by the New York Times.